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IoT Node (RF but connected to Power)

PCB design using the STM8S103F bread board with the nRF24L01+ module. Provides connectors for I²C, UART and One wire.

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IoT Node

Github - RF RGB Colors Broadcast

Github - RGB 60 Leds WS2812B

Mobile Sensors Node (Wireless and Cell Coin Powered)

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IoT Mobile Node

Mobile Sensors Node Specs

Commercial Sensors Tags

It is important to compare with the OnTheShelves solutions before jumping in a DIY design.
The STM8 has the simplicity advantage and the debug tooling low cost, but the plan is to add a high end variant with an ARM based Nordic Chips, to keep compatibility with the low cost nodes. The Ruuvi is for that the best candidate, it has also an open source business model.

wiced sensortag Thunderboard IoT Node
Broadcom, now Cypress IoT's "Wiced" TI's "Sensor Tag" Silicon Lab's "Thunderboard" Kickstarter Ruuvi's "Ruuvitag"
Deep Test Quick Test Not Tested Worth Testing
(-) Short battery life, ~weeks (+) Many sensors (+) RF Backward compatible with nRF24L01+
~$20 ~$30 ~$30 ~$25
Broadcom's BCM20737
320K ROM, 60K RAM
TI's CC2650
128K ROM, 8K+20K RAM
SiLab's BGM111
256K ROM, 32K RAM
Nordi Semi's nRF52832
512K ROM, 64K RAM
(LIS3DSH) Accelerometer
(L3GD20) Gyroscope
(LSM303D) Compass
(MPU-9250) Accel Gyro Compass (MPU-6500) Accel Gyro (LISDH12) Accelerometer
(HTS221) Temperature Humidity
(LPS25H) Pressure
(HDC1000) Humidity
(BMP280) Pressure
(TMP007) Infrared and Ambient Temperature
(Si7021) Temperature Humidity (BME280) Temperature Humidity Pressure

(OPT3001) Ambient Light
(MK24) Magnetic
(Si1133) UV Index and ambient light
(Si7201) Magnetic

IO Expander

Serial port commands issued in an ULN2804 general purpose up to 48V or 500mA per output.

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Github - nodejs

IoT Expander

Servomotor Controller

This Board includes an STM8L151F3P6 (Low Power) the nRF24L01+, sensors modules : BMP280 (pressure, humidity, temperature), a MAX44009 (Ambient Light) and MRMS211H (Magnetic switches).

Github - PS4 on RPi3

Servo Controller